Wildlife Heroes

Sunway Theme Parks Wildlife Heroes

What is Wildlife Heroes?

The first ever wildlife programme in Asia comprising entirely of kids who are passionate about wildlife and nature. 10 children between the age of 10 to 12 years old have been selected to receive a wild experience of nature’s best in Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun.

Over the period of a year, the Wildlife Heroes will

  • participate and develop knowledge and affection for wildlife & nature.
  • contribute ideas on how best they can further create awareness on the importance of the wildlife & nature, to their peers and for their future generation through quarterly meetings at Sunway Theme Parks.

A great opportunity for children to get up close and personal with wildlife and nature at two great destinations under Sunway Theme Parks.

Meet our Wildlife Heroes!

Introducing our brave and courageous Wildlife Heroes.

Wildlife Heroes Anna

Anna, The Chief

Loves to brainstorm ideas on what role she can play to care for the wildlife.
Wildlife Heroes Alyssa


The bubbly one, she dreams of owning a chameleon one day!
Wildlife Heroes Iszuddin


Passionately raise money by selling cookies to save leatherback sea turtles.
Wildlife Heroes Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui

Always optimistic and also a subcommittee member of Green Living which promotes green and sustainable living.
Wildlife Heroes Shernyn


Always ready to seize the day with excitement and lots of fun!
Wildlife Heroes Nickhil


Hopes to be a zoologist one day to help with conserving animals that are nearing extinction
Wildlife Heroes Medina


A creative girl who loves to express her thoughts and ideas through storytelling and drawings.
Wildlife Heroes Alexandria


Enthusiastic and also supports the cause of saving leatherback sea turtles by selling Slime Kits.
Wildlife Heroes Owen


Charismatic, responsible and confident defender, always keeping a watch out for everyone.
Wildlife Heroes Cahaya


A strong-minded girl who isn’t afraid of snakes. She won’t mind having them crawling all over her!

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Watch our Wildlife Heroes Adventure!

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